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Edie Leavenworth, Olyumpus High School

“We always talk about teachers who go the extra mile, but truly Edie goes the extra mile. Edie is our graphics art teacher and her classes are packed. She loves teaching and the students feel her passion. She teaches the students how to create projects and then allows them to do projects for other teachers, secretaries, etc. in class allowing students to learn entrepreneurial and creative skills. Many teachers in our school are using her and her students to create projects. During the pandemic, she created Olympus face masks for the student body. She is creative and fun and is an expert in her field. Besides being an excellent teacher for students, she is an excellent teacher for teachers! She shares her work and ideas across the Granite School District with other teachers so all students benefit in our district. She is a hard worker and very deserving of this award.”

Submitted by: Jane Nate

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