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Jodie Horgan, Youth Services School, YESS Program

“Jodie Horgan is an unsung hero and natural born teacher. She teaches 7th-12th graders in a one room classroom at Salt Lake County Youth Services classroom for Granite School District which a lot of people don’t even know this school exists. She has a gift for working with troubled youth who have gone through severe trauma and they are trying to figure out who they are and what are the positive things in life. Jodie shows her students their talents, abilities and caring by her positive outlook on life and big heart. She has helped two students earn credits and graduate from high school when they thought it wasn’t possible for them. She takes her students to the library or Natural History Museum so they can acquire a love for reading and learning. She often calls the home school of the students in her class and sometimes goes to that school and finds out where her students are lacking in their education. Then, she helps those students make their credits back and because of her joyful attitude, Jodie helps her students like school again. She has taught her students that they can be capable, good citizens by giving positive, sincere praise while at the same time helping them realize they are smart and have value. Jodie does this by showing patience, teaching with caring and having the belief that all kids can learn. Jodie Horgan is the perfect candidate for this award.”

Submitted by: Sharon Hall

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