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Salt Lake City Council COVID-19
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Salt Lake City Council Member Darin Mano tests positive for COVID-19

Salt Lake City Council Member tests positive for COVID-19. Photo credit:

SALT LAKE CITY– Salt Lake City Council member Darin Mano tests positive for COVID-19 and is quarantining at home.

In a statement released by the Salt Lake City Council on Friday, Mano said he believes he was exposed to a virus during a recent trip to Washington D.C.

Mano’s trip to Washington D.C. took place from March 6th to the 11th and was in contact with other council members and elected officials.

Five other City Council members were on the trip and are “taking precautions and following guidance from federal, state and local health authorities.”

Mano stressed the importance of practicing social-distancing and canceling non-essential travel to keep the spread of coronavirus at bay.

“It’s critical that all District 5 and Salt Lake City residents treat this threat very seriously and follow guidance to limit the spread of COVID-19,” Mano said.

“By rigorously isolating ourselves and limiting contact with others, we can slow the spread of the virus, help ensure scarce medical supplies and treatment get to those who need them most, and prepare for rebuilding our lives and community once the threat has passed,” Mano continued.

All City Council meetings will be held virtually until further notice.

“No one expects to be affected by a health emergency like this, especially if you are typically a very healthy person,” Mano said. “I’m hopeful for a quick and full recovery and wish the same for everyone else with the virus.”

The council meeting held on Tuesday is still going to happen. Members of the public are encouraged to participate and share comments via email and online chats. Agendas and instructions for viewing and participating in meetings can be found at