Jordan School District addressing sub shortage with new incentive program

Oct 14, 2021, 5:52 PM | Updated: 5:54 pm
Jordan School District (KSL-TV)...
Jordan School District (KSL-TV)

SANDY, Utah — The Jordan School District is trying to get more substitute teachers to come work for the district with a new incentive program. 

“The program will provide temporary incentive pay up to $500 for substitute teachers who work a required number of days between October 25, 2021 and December 15, 2021, without canceling an already accepted substitute teaching job,” a press release stated announcing the district’s “Substitute Teacher Incentive Pay Program.” 

Jordan District Spokeswoman, Sandy Riesgraf said that means, “if you work 30 of the 35 days you will receive $500 in incentive pay.” And that goes down in a sliding scale, subs would receive $300 for 25 days, $200 for 20 days, and $100 for 15 days.   

The district said it hopes this will attract new subs, incentivize the current ones, and reduce the number of people not showing up.

Relief for teachers

“[The incentive program] is just our way of trying to bring some relief to teachers in the classroom,” Riesgraf said.

The statewide shortage has been hard on teachers and staff. Riesgraf described teachers and administrators who’ve have had to fill in as subs for each other.

 “Filling in on their prep periods, and we’ve even reached out to assistant principals and other administrators in the building to try and cover for the lack of substitute teachers right now.” 

How bad is it?

The Jordan School district needs about 200 to 300 subs per day, according to Riesgraf.

“We’re falling short by about 20% a day,” Riesgraf said.

There are 67 schools in the Jordan district, serving 58,000 students.

The perks of the job

“If you prefer to work in an elementary school…you choose the level of schools you want to work in,” said Riesgraf. She also said you can prioritize what subject you teach.

She talked about the job being great for those who have a particular subject they love, or those who just want to make a difference in education. She also said it would be great for those who need flexibility.  

Why are there not enough subs?

Riesgraf was also asked for some possible theories as why there aren’t enough subs right now.

“Whether it’s that they just aren’t comfortable working from anywhere other than home right now, or they have family members they have to care for,  I think people have left the workforce for a variety of reasons,” she said.

However, she also said she thinks people are ready to come back and subbing is a job that provides them the ability to do both. 

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Jordan School District addressing sub shortage with new incentive program