This taco soup in crock pot or slow cooker recipe is the perfect quick and warm recipe you need for a cold night

Dec 14, 2021, 5:21 PM | Updated: Dec 21, 2021, 9:30 am
Taco soup in crock pot...
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This article about the best taco soup in crock pot or slow cooker recipe is sponsored by Maceys. Happy shopping!

It’s a super cold day outside, and you have a million things to get done. How do you create dinner for the family with little time to spare? If you have a crock pot or slow cooker, this taco soup recipe can be ready with very little effort and is great for the whole family. Taco soup is a winter necessity. And it can be prepared in all sorts of ways, but if you haven’t tried it in a crock pot or slow cooker, you are absolutely missing out! Here a fantastic and super easy taco soup in crock pot or slow cooker recipe that you have to try this season!

Ingredients for a taco soup in crock pot recipe

Taco soup in crock pot

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Here are the ingredients you’ll need for this delicious warming soup:

  • One pound ground beef -The leaner the better. Try to shoot for 85-90%
  • 16oz can of pinto beans – Black beans can be substituted too!
  • 16oz can of white beans or kidney beans
  • 11oz can of niblet corn – Of course you can replace the canned corn with fresh corn off the cob, or frozen corn will work in a pinch too!
  • 11oz can of tomatoes and chiles 
  • 28oz can of diced or crushed tomatoes – crushed tomatoes will add a little more texture and make the presentation more rustic
  • 4oz can of diced green chiles
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning mix
  • 1 envelope of Ranch Dressing mix

Cooking directions

Taco soup in crock pot

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This is an incredibly easy recipe. Start with a large cast-iron pan and add a little olive oil. Brown the ground beef over medium heat until it’s no longer pink. Then break it into crumbles. Mix in the taco seasoning mix and stir again. Add the browned beef and all of the rest of the ingredients into the slow cooker, including all the juice in the cans. Stir it all together and set the crock pot/slow cooker on high for 2 hours. Or if you have the time, low and slow for 4-6 hours is even better!

Serving your taco soup

Taco soup in crock pot

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When you’re ready to eat, here’s a few topping you
can add to your individual bowls:

  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Green onion
  • Chips
  • Avocado

Tips to make taco soup

Taco soup in crock pot

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  • Before adding the beans, drain and rinse them so the soup isn’t overly salty.
  • You can get rid of the ranch seasoning and use reduced-sodium canned beans and tomatoes if you have sodium dietary restrictions.
  • Want some spice? Add 2 – 4 jalapeños!
  • Want a little extra kick? A little cilantro and lime can take this recipe to the next level!
  • Also, it’s best to drain the excess fat from the ground beef. It will improve the flavor a lot!

Your taco soup is going to be tasty!

It takes about 20 minutes of prep time early on, and you can just let it cook while you’re running errands all over town. You can easily freeze the leftovers too! 

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This taco soup in crock pot or slow cooker recipe is the perfect quick and warm recipe you need for a cold night