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West Jordan looks into concerns over fireworks near animal shelter

WEST JORDAN – City leaders are reacting to concerns about one of the areas set aside for aerial fireworks.  Some people have pointed out that the complex is close to an animal shelter.

A spokesperson for West Jordan says they wanted to see, first hand, what kind of reaction the animals at the city’s animal shelter would have when people set off aerial fireworks at the Ron Wood Baseball Complex.  They claim the animals showed practically no reaction at all.  However, they say they’ll have swamp coolers running to drown out some of the noise.

If there were to be just a couple of animals reacting negatively to the fireworks, the anxiety could spread to the rest of the shelter.  Humane Society Development Director Jamie Usry says, “Dogs and cats definitely experience, sense and smell the anxiety coming off of other animals, especially in a shelter environment.”

White noise from machines like swamp coolers can be helpful, but, “If they could turn some radios on, too, and play some music,” Usry says, that would be better.

Plus, distraction could be extremely helpful for the animals inside.  “Provide some frozen Kongs with wet food in them that will keep the dogs busy at that time.  Provide the cats with some wet food to give them some comfort and keep them busy,” she says.  Usry adds that eating these frozen treats can keep dogs occupied for hours, and they won’t be focusing on the noise or the vibrations from the explosions.