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Grilling safety a top priority to fire officials as we head into triple digits

As Utah heads into triple-digit highs, and it's more important than ever to practice grilling safety when cooking outside.
5 days ago

Ogden City proposing ordinance to increase single-family homes

This ordinance would reportedly create more single-family homes. The Ogden City Planning Manager said it also would increase accessibility.
6 days ago

Women in state leadership roles increasing in Utah

The Utah Women and Leadership Project reports 41.4% of managerial, leadership, and supervisory positions in Utah government are held by women.
11 days ago

Initial Deer Valley expansion plans approved

The first phase of a large expansion plan was approved last week. The new terrain and lifts should be ready by the 2025-2056 ski season.
17 days ago

Rain, cold temperatures in central and northern Utah this weekend

Thunderstorms, rain, high elevation snow, and temperatures around freezing are expected Memorial Day weekend in northern and central Utah.
23 days ago

Sports psychologist explains an Olympic athlete’s feelings of grief

It is common for Olympic athletes to experience feelings of grief when competing or after the events have ended.
24 days ago

House passes bill to ban a compound used in suicides

Legislation backed by Rep. Celeste Maloy would ban the consumer sale of sodium nitrite, a product becoming increasingly common in suicides.
25 days ago

How Utah is ensuring homes go to owners, not renters

Utah lawmakers are working to make sure that new homes are being sold to owners not buyers to help stabilize the housing market.
1 month ago

Average Utah reservoir level 30% higher than last year

The average reservoir in Utah is at 88% capacity or 30% higher than last year.
1 month ago

Utah gas prices are about a dollar more than in Colorado. Why?

There's a big difference (almost a whole dollar) when it comes to gas prices in Utah versus our next door neighbors in Colorado.
2 months ago

Measles cases likely to pop up in Utah this year, health official says

Measles cases haven't made it to Utah yet but health professionals advise getting vaccinated and watching for symptoms.
2 months ago

Landscaping projects picking up pace as weather gets warmer

Jeff Mott, owner of Mott's Landscaping, said people often start big landscaping projects in the summertime. 
2 months ago

What happens to the Grizzlies if NHL comes to Utah?

If Utah gets a National Hockey League team next year, what would happen to the Utah Grizzlies? The short answer is that the addition of the Arizona Coyotes won't send the Grizzlies anywhere.
2 months ago

BYU students react to Mark Pope’s move to Kentucky

BYU men's basketball head coach Mark Pope will leave for Kentucky, but some students think the team will be ok.
2 months ago

International Olympic Committee continues Utah tour in Park City

Members of the IOC are continuing their Salt Lake IOC visit to the state to see venues and how prepared Utah is to potentially host the 2034 Winter Games.
2 months ago

Local Utah businesses got a boost from RV drivers in March

RV drivers stopping in Utah used a membership company called Harvest Hosts to camp out at local businesses rather than at campsites.
2 months ago

Legal analyst discusses Chad Daybell’s possible defense and struggles

Jury selection got underway this week in the trial of Chad Daybell, who is accused of eight felonies, including first-degree murder.
3 months ago

Life expectancy and drug overdose rates rose in 2022

Americans are living an additional 1.1 years on average, according to CDC data. However, there's another metric that has experts concerned, a rise in drug overdose deaths.
3 months ago

Flavored vape products will no longer be sold in Utah

Governor Spencer Cox signed a bill this week that will ban the sale of flavored vape products in the state,
3 months ago

Marriage rates rising, divorces decreasing nationally

The number of marriages across the U.S. has returned to pre-pandemic levels with 2022 showing the highest marriage rate since 2019.
3 months ago

SLC ordinance looks to change zoning barriers, historic building eligibility

A proposed SLC ordinance would change zoning barriers and historic eligibility of buildings. It would help preserve and keep existing buildings in use. 
3 months ago

Lawmakers working to approve budget as legislative session enters last week

Lawmakers are looking to approve final budget as the legislative session enters the final week. The session ends March 1.
4 months ago

Water may be the solution to saving the salt flats

With the Bonneville Salt Flats eroding, newly discovered research may have found a way to save them.
4 months ago

Bill to expand child care options in Utah moves forward to Senate

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Luz Escamilla said most Utah residents live in a child care desert, with no options within 5 miles of them.
4 months ago