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Lawmakers working to approve budget as legislative session enters last week

Lawmakers are looking to approve final budget as the legislative session enters the final week. The session ends March 1.
3 days ago

Water may be the solution to saving the salt flats

With the Bonneville Salt Flats eroding, newly discovered research may have found a way to save them.
6 days ago

Bill to expand child care options in Utah moves forward to Senate

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Luz Escamilla said most Utah residents live in a child care desert, with no options within 5 miles of them.
16 days ago

Utah law enforcement’s game plan for Super Bowl weekend

Safety officials are going on the offense in Utah by adding more officers and more shifts to watch for impaired driving before and after the Super Bowl.
21 days ago

Utah lawmaker would stop sending mail-in balllots to voters who don’t vote

Rep. Mark Strong said his bill is designed to address the number of people who don't return mail-in ballots.
23 days ago

Utah State Board of Education elections still partisan, despite some opposition

This year, there are eight seats open on the Utah State Board of Education, and 20 candidates are hoping to fill them.
27 days ago

NBA points per game highest level since 1969. Why?

The average number of points scored in an NBA game is the highest it's been in 55 years. Why is it now rare to see a game under 100 points?
27 days ago

Pineview Reservoir plane crash experienced by Farmington City residents

Farmington City residents experienced what it was like when a small low-flying Cessna airplane crashed into Pineview Reservoir's icy waters.
1 month ago

Talk of some political beliefs in Utah schools limited with this proposed bill

Utah Rep. Jeffrey Stenquist, R-Salt Lake, is sponsoring HB 303, which would prohibit school officials from discussing political beliefs. 
1 month ago

How staffing shortages impact the Utah State Prison

The Utah State Prison is facing staffing shortages. They say recruitment and retention are a big problem.
1 month ago

Certain types of tires may not cut it in Utah this winter

Tires like all-season tires and summer tires may not be enough this winter. To make driving safer, snow tires may be the best option.
2 months ago

BYU enters ‘Swiftie Era’ with new college course

BYU has begun offering a new class focusing on pop icon Taylor Swift's work.
2 months ago

How are avalanche danger levels determined in Utah?

Where new snow falls, what it falls on, and what snow has fallen before combine to create different levels of avalanche danger in Utah.
2 months ago

University of Utah project aims to protect kids from bad air

Researchers at the University of Utah hopes to protect the health of kids by detecting bad air with localized data.
2 months ago

Recently reintroduced Colorado wolves could find their way into Utah

Wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act, meaning they are illegal to kill and trap in Utah.
2 months ago

New credit system to incentivize renewable electricity projects to move to Utah

To use more renewable energy, the state provides a production tax credit that helps pay state taxes for renewable energy companies that decide to operate in Utah. 
2 months ago

Storms bringing Utah fresh snow and clean air for Christmas

Two storms are on their way to Utah this weekend, helping clear out bad air and bring some snow to the state's northern mountains. 
2 months ago

Utah snow base dropping due to high temps

Utah has seen rising temperatures resulting in melting the snow base at the ski resorts.
2 months ago

Shipping deadlines approaching for Christmas deliveries

Those planning to send gifts via USPS, UPS, or FedEx should act quickly to guarantee an on-time Christmas gift delivery.
3 months ago

Over 115.2 million people are expected to travel over the holiday

AAA expects this to be one of the busiest travel holidays in two decades.
3 months ago

Provo-Orem area ranked number two in nation for first-time homebuyers

The Provo-Orem area is the second-best place in the nation to buy a house for first-time homebuyers, according to a new study.
3 months ago

Sunshine during Utah’s winter season doesn’t help our bodies produce vitamin D

Utah's sunlight won't help you reach sufficient vitamin D levels, but there are other ways to get the nutrients you need.
3 months ago

Energy assistance available for Utah families

The state has an energy assistance program to provide heat for Utah families, eligibility is required along with documentation.
3 months ago

Don’t be SAD this winter; ways to diminsh seasonal depression

Shorter days and less sunlight cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or seasonal depression, for many people throughout the winter.
3 months ago