Elizabeth Weiler

The Beehive state is ranked among worst beekeeping states

Just because Utah is the beehive state doesn't mean it's bee friendly. Specifically, Utah struggles with being friendly for beekeepers.
12 days ago

River causes damage, indefinite closure to SR-39 through Ogden Canyon

A river flood advisory is in effect for the Ogden River below Pineview Reservoir as UDOT works to control portions of SR 39.
19 days ago

Utah clinics winning the fight against overprescribed antibiotics

Intermountain Health and the University of Utah found that urgent-care facilities were more likely to prescribe antibiotics as a quick, easy solution.
19 days ago

New research suggests breast cancer screenings should be done much earlier

To date, American women have been getting preventative breast cancer screenings a decade too late says the United States Preventive Services Task Force.
21 days ago

National Weather Service says watch for flooding potential for Utah rivers

Five rivers are being closely watched as part of the larger flooding potential for Utah as snowpack continues to run off the mountains.
22 days ago

Salt Lake City Council member arrested for DUI

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City Council member Amy Fowler has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in Utah County.   A Utah Highway Patrol officer allegedly responded to a call from Fowler who said she was involved in a hit-and-run in Springville this morning.   The officer says he found her […]
25 days ago

UDOT crews prepare for roadway problems as water overflows

Overflowing rivers and streams can cause a lot of roadway problems but UDOT's John Gleason says his team and equipment are ready.
28 days ago

Which Utah city has been ranked the best performing city in the U.S.?

Utah is home to a city with the best performing city as deemed by the Milken Institute, consering job creation, wage gains, and high-tech GDP growth. 
1 month ago

Future of Draper homes surrounding the recent collapse looks brighter

Two homes collapsed in Draper City last weekend due to poor environmental conditions, the fate of surrounding homes is looking brighter.
1 month ago

How to be better prepared for short and long term evacuations

"It's important to plan ahead, " Wade Mathews from Be Ready Utah said. "But our evacuation steps are going to depend on how much time we have." 
1 month ago

What are the optimal temperatures in Utah to minimize flooding?

SALT LAKE CITY — To minimize flooding, the experts say the weather needs to switch between hot and cold. But, has the most recent cold spell lasted too long?  Every day that passes the closer we get to consistently hot weather said KSL Meteorologist Matt Johnson. He also said that’s exactly what Utah doesn’t need […]
1 month ago

Draper mayor blames building procedures for home collapses

Draper Mayor Troy Walker told KSL NewsRadio the homes were built on "engineered fill" that failed to support the weight of the houses.
1 month ago

Would a national ban on transgender involvement in sports affect Utah’s ban?

Could a national ban on transgender athletes competing in women's sports affect Utah's ban? One expert says it could make minor impacts.
1 month ago

Lung Association’s ‘State of the Air’ report ranks Utah high in pollution

In the annual "State of the Air" report from the American Lung Association, Salt Lake City placed 10th for worst ozone pollution.
1 month ago

Dash-cam video released of off-duty UHP trooper stopping wrong-way driver

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper is being praised for his actions earlier this week when he stopped a wrong-way driver on I-80 in Tooele.
1 month ago

Experts are warning of increased chances for landslides this spring

Experts say to be on the lookout for more landslides in Utah as they are striving to make sure people have the information they need.
1 month ago

Amid backlash and accusations of racism, Davis County man apologizes for comment about Black city council member

A conservative group is taking heat after someone was accused of making a racist comment about a black city council member, Karece Thompson.
1 month ago

Breaking down the numbers: where are all of our tax dollars going?

Romina Boccia, director of budget and entitlement policy at the Cato Institute joined Inside Sources to discuss where taxpayers' money goes.
1 month ago

Looking for a job? ChamberWest Job Fair is back

Utah's economy is continuing to grow. More opportunities are available at Chamber West's Job Fair with more than 70 businesses.
1 month ago

McDonalds announces changes to famous burger recipe

McDonalds is making changes to its burger recipe, and according to the fast food chain, the changes, "make [the] classic burgers even better
1 month ago

Thistle Landslide: Utah’s first declared major disaster, 40 years later

Thistle was destroyed in 1983 when record-breaking snowpack quickly melted in Spanish Fork Canyon, resulting in a landslide that took out everything.
2 months ago

Looking to help? Volunteers needed for flood mitigation

Gov. Spencer Cox asked the government for $5 million for flood mitigation, and now he, along with other organizations, is asking local communities for volunteers. 
2 months ago

Plan for an I-80 closure through the weekend to replace a bridge

This weekend, UDOT crews are replacing the 1300 E bridge over I-80 and sliding a new one into place. This will lead to I-80's closure in a few different areas.
2 months ago

Officials urge against sandbag hoarding, saying “leave enough for your neighbor”

The increasing need for sandbags across Utah right now is resulting in a new problem. Sandbag hoarding and reselling in bulk.
2 months ago