Michelle Lee

Tackling the loneliness epidemic

SALT LAKE CITY – Loneliness is a feeling that many people struggle with. It’s so common that there’s even a loneliness epidemic in the United States. In the latest Let’s Get Moving with Maria podcast episode, host Maria Shilaos spoke with Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Brigham Young University and the […]
2 days ago

Maintenance tips for planter baskets

Taun and Maria, hosts of the KSL Greenhouse show, shared a few maintenance tips for planter baskets on their latest episode. 
4 days ago

Skin care for before and after sun exposure

The sun is out! It’s the perfect weather for us to get outside, but not without proper skin care.
9 days ago

Growing the best sweet corn in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – There are lots of different types of sweet corn that do well in Utah. Are you interested in growing some in your garden? If you don’t know the proper way to grow sweet corn, chances are you will end up with 6-inch ears and small kernels. On the latest KSL Greenhouse […]
11 days ago

How, and why, a hobby can bring joy to your life

If it brings you pleasure, is meaningful, and you can do it regularly, you've got yourself a hobby! Here's why they can benefit us so much.
16 days ago

Weed control options for your lawn

A healthy lawn needs an application of fertilizer at least once or twice a year. Additionally, you may need to use a weed killer occasionally.
18 days ago

Managing stress as a new parent

What causes the stress, why mothers tend to worry more than fathers, and how new parents can work together to help manage that stress.
23 days ago

How to successfully grow annual plants in containers

Brian Lloyd from Olson’s Greenhouse joined the latest KSL Greenhouse show and shared tips on how to successfully grow annual plants in a container.
25 days ago

Why is exercising good for us emotionally?

In the latest Let’s Get Moving with Maria podcast episode, host Maria Shilaos spoke with Studio 5 KSL’s Health and Wellness Contributor Miki Eberhardt to discuss how exercising can improve our daily mood
30 days ago

What to know about planting trees

SALT LAKE CITY – It’s time to start planting trees! On last week’s KSL Greenhouse show, Taun and Maria discussed everything you need to know about buying and planting trees. “Right now the best selection of trees you’re going to find in garden centers is during April and early May,” Taun said. Some people start […]
1 month ago

Getting yourself ready for spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can help with our mental renewal! There are three steps to dClutterfly Founder, Tracy McCubbin's process.
1 month ago

Time to get started on spring lawn care

On the latest KSL Greenhouse show, Taun and Maria talked about what you can do to care for your lawn during the warm spring weather.
1 month ago

The sound and lyrics of music can heal the mind, heart

Heather Fellows, a state-certified music therapist from the Huntsman Cancer Institute shares how music can heal the mind.
1 month ago

Tips for planting and growing peas in Utah

Pea planting season in Utah usually begins around April 15, but because of ongoing snow, some are starting by growing peas indoors.
2 months ago

The practice of mindful and joyful eating

Host Maria Shilaos spoke with Tansy Boggon, who is an author, nutritionist, and recipe developer, about the practice of joyful eating.
2 months ago

How to get kids excited about gardening

Taun interviewed USU Extension Professor and Utah 4-H Program Lead Dave Francis about how to get kids excited about gardening.
2 months ago

Is marriage the next step to your relationship?

Let's Get Moving Host Maria Shilaos spoke with Dr. Dave Schramm about whether marriage is always the next step in a couple's relationship.
2 months ago

How to prepare and improve your garden soil

Start pre-prepping garden soil now, the KSL Greenhouse hosts say, by purchasing potting soil and bagged compost (if necessary).
2 months ago

Are your thoughts on productivity counterproductive?

Getting burnout is extremely common, especially when you're trying so hard to achieve productivity.
2 months ago

What you can do about snow mold in your lawn

SALT LAKE CITY – Snow is starting to melt in some areas, which means you might be seeing some snow mold on your lawn. Although there isn’t much you can do to prevent that from happening, Taun and Maria gave some tips on the latest KSL Greenhouse show. How can you tell if there’s snow […]
2 months ago

Beating the Monday blues and the Sunday scaries

One expert said that Mondays have a cultural implication about "getting back to the grind" and that’s why it often impacts our mood.
2 months ago

How to divide the right perennials

SALT LAKE CITY – It will soon be time to divide perennials. With the temperatures moving up to the mid-50s, a lot of perennials will start breaking dormancy. On the latest Greenhouse show, horticulturist Liz Hamilton joined Taun Beddes and Maria Shilaos as guest co-host. They talked about which perennials you should and shouldn’t divide […]
2 months ago

The science behind the gluten-free diet

Some doctors say that the public automatically thinks the gluten-free diet is healthy, however, that doesn’t mean it’s better for you.
3 months ago

Tips on when and how to prune shrubs

Pruning is the main topic of this time of year. Taun and Maria discuss when and how to prune your shrubs on the latest KSL Greenhouse show.
3 months ago