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Mapleton City Fire Department gives out free water amid boil order
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UPDATE: Mapleton City boil order lifted, residents asked to flush systems

Photo: Mapleton City Fire Department

MAPLETON, Utah — Mapleton City officials confirmed on Sunday that a boil water order has been lifted.

Officials asked residents to boil their drinking water on Thursday when coliform and E. coli bacteria were detected in the water system.

Two rounds of testing on the city’s drinking water are now complete, and according to a statement “the drinking water system has returned to normal service.”

Free water is available to residents and is being provided outside the Mapleton City Fire Station at 305 North Main Street. 

The city has several recommendations for residents even though drinking water is now safe. Those recommendations inclue:

  • Purging all water-using fixtures and appliances of standing water (ice machines, beverage makers, hot water heaters);
  • cleaning/sanitizing fixtures, sinks, and equipment connected to water lines;
  • flushing your building’s water lines for two minutes;
  • cleaning faucet screens;
  • clean the water-line strainers on dishwashers and similar equipment;
  • contact your doctor as well as the Utah Department of Health if anyone in your family complains of E. coli-related illness (gastrointestinal distress/minor fever) 

Notice of drinking water warning resolved.



Mapleton City was notified on Thursday, June 17 that the samples from the previous day (June 16) were contaminated. The system was then treated with chlorine and today new samples have been sent to a lab for testing. 

Mapleton City officials it takes 24 hours for the lab to process them and determine if the water is safe to drink. 

In the meantime, residents are asked to continue to observe the boil order. 

Check the Mapleton City Fire Department’s Facebook page for more updates.


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