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The Movie Show Big Movie Review: Jungle Cruise is fairly fun

Photo: Disney

SALT LAKE CITY — The much anticipated Disney adventure project Jungle Cruise makes a splash Friday in a nationwide theatrical release.

“The characters are lovable and played so well, and the sets are fantastic,” Doug Wright said on KSL’s Movie Show. “This is just one of those movies where you just have to slip yourself into neutral and roll with it. You can’t take it too seriously.”

Disney’s Jungle Cruise fun, but without substance

The guys both liked the film, but say the plot is thin and a little absurd.

“There’s a lot of goofy stuff in it, you might roll your eyes here or there, but it’s fun.” Steve Salles said.

The movie is out in theaters nationally and worth a watch on the big screen, according to Steve and Doug. Its PG-13 rating might scare away some families, and Steve says there are some intense visuals that could be too much for younger viewers. Doug gave Jungle Cruise “a generous 3 stars,” Steve gave it a B.

The film, based on the popular Disneyland ride, follows stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt as they travel up a tension-filled river route.

Listen to the full review below:

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