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A 6th Memphis officer is taken off the force after the fatal police beating of Tyre Nichols

Grisly video showing Memphis police beating a 29-year-old Black man has spawned nationwide protests.
11 hours ago

Water, Great Salt Lake bills to be unveiled in the Utah State Legislature

Lawmakers are expected to spend upwards of $500 million on water conservation and Great Salt Lake measures this year.
11 hours ago

Officer-involved shooting in Iron County

A suspect in an Iron County officer-involved shooting Sunday evening sent the suspect to the hospital via Life Flight.
13 hours ago

Frigid temperatures delaying some school start times

A frigid cold snap is causing in some schools in northern Utah to delay their start times. Utah State will also have a delayed start.
14 hours ago

SLC restaurant “Manoli’s” nominated for James Beard Award

The Greek restaurant, Manoli's is a semi-finalist in the much coveted James Beards Awards. The eatery was nominated for hospitality.
3 days ago

‘You’re going to see acts that defy humanity,’ police chief says of Tyre Nichols video

Police also have not been able to find anything that's substantiated the probable cause for reckless driving by Nichols before his fatal encounter with police, she said.
4 days ago

Pedestrian hit and killed by UTA Frontrunner

A Frontrunner train struck and killed a person early Thursday morning. A bus bridge was put in place between Draper and South Jordan.
5 days ago

Utah, Salt Lake leaders unveil new plans to improve the struggling Great Salt Lake

State and local leaders are prposing two pieces of legislation to help save the Great Salt Lake amid dropping water level.
5 days ago

Council chair weighs in on the future of Smith’s Ballpark

Ballpark Community Council Chair Amy Hawkins sees future green space and a place for people to relax at the site of Smith's Ballpark.
5 days ago

Earth’s inner core may have stopped turning and could go into reverse, study suggests

With a radius of almost 2,200 miles, Earth's core is about the size of Mars. It consists mostly of iron and nickel, and contains about about one-third of Earth's mass.
5 days ago

Amazon launches $5-a-month unlimited prescription plan

Some of the generic drugs included in the program include Bupropion, Cephalexin, Doxycycline, Estradiol and Sertaline.
6 days ago

Proposed bill focuses exclusively on Utah teacher pay

Rep. Romero proposed a bill to focus solely on teacher pay. The goal is to separate the issue of pay increases from the school voucher bill.
6 days ago

Roy man killed wife and reported her death days later, police say

A man in Roy shot and killed his wife in their Roy home on Jan. 17. The suspect reported the death days later and charged with murder.
8 days ago

SLC mayor meets with mayors from around the country in DC

Mayor Erin Mendenhall heads to a conference in Washington D.C. this week to join other mayors to talk about issues impacting their communities.
11 days ago

Proposed change to conversion therapy law concerns LGBTQ+ advocates

A proposed bill would change the language in Utah's conversion law. Opponents worry the bill would actually make it legal to practice.
11 days ago

UTA offering free or reduced fares in February

Riders can save some money next month. The Utah Transit Authority is offering reduced or free rides during the month of February.
12 days ago

Scientists sounded the alarm about the Great Salt Lake. Are lawmakers listening?

This year’s legislative session will be critical in bringing the Great Salt Lake back from the brink, and state leaders say they are ready to get to work.
13 days ago

Utah’s lawmakers kick off day one of the 2023 legislative session

The 2023 Utah State Legislature session begins Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023. Hundreds of bills will be amended and passed over the next 45 days.
14 days ago

Fatal rollover closes Mt. View Corridor

An accident in West Valley City has left at least one dead. A semi involved has spilled fuel on the road way closing multiple roads.
14 days ago

1 person killed and 4 others injured in overnight shooting in Texas after more than 50 shots were fired

Police responded to the shooting around 2 a.m. and learned that five people had been shot, said Gonzalez.
14 days ago

‘I Have a Dream’ is MLK’s most radical speech — not because of what he said then, but because of how America has changed since

But "I Have a Dream" has arguably become his most radical speech — not because of what he said but because of how America has changed since that day.
15 days ago

Would thinning forests help Utah’s Great Salt Lake? Some say so

Fewer trees, she and her supporters say, are the answer, asserting that thinning forests has been proven to save a substantial amount of water for watersheds and drought-stricken areas.
15 days ago

Close call between 2 planes at New York’s JFK airport is under investigation, FAA says

Audio recordings detail swift action by an air traffic controller kept the airplanes from colliding as they drew closer.
15 days ago

One critical after officer-involved-incident

An officer-involved-incident on Friday morning has left a suspect in critical condition, SLCPD confirms.
18 days ago