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someone taps on facebook icon, utah lawmakers working to protect kids from social media...
Curt Gresseth

Utah lawmaker talks about his work to shield kids from social media

State Sen. Mike McKell discusses the legislation he has sponsored to undo the harm to Utah children from social media.
13 hours ago
Ike Yospe

Dating at Her Age, a new KSL Podcast from Debbie Dujanovic

Editor’s note: This is an editorial piece. An editorial, like a news article, is based on fact but also shares opinions. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and are not associated with our newsroom. SALT LAKE CITY — “In 2024, dating is a disaster,” says KSL’s Debbie Dujanovic. Where dating apps […]
2 days ago
The front of the Holladay Lions salt lake county recreation center...
Allessandra Harris Gurr

The hidden cost of recreation centers

A new report shows that several recreation centers in Utah operate at a deficit in the millions. Part of covering that gap comes via taxes.
4 days ago
A group of dogs in Roy were intercepted by police after attacking multiple people on Monday....
Curt Gresseth

Three dogs bite two people, close in for attack on horse and cop in Roy

Three dogs that escaped their yard in Roy bit two pedestrians, surrounded to attack both a horse in a pasture and a police officer. The animals were all captured. The victims received medical care.
4 days ago
drivers memorial day...
Curt Gresseth

Is it time for Utah to bring back photo cop to bust speeders?

A Utah lawmaker joins the show to discuss a possible return of photo radar to bust speeders.
5 days ago
A Box Elder County Commission candidate made comments while talking about a construction ban that s...
Debbie Dujanovic

Dujanovic: Box Elder Commission candidate must stop spinning his racist comment

A recording of a planning commissioner, running for Box Elder County Commissioner, has racist comments he should apologize for.
10 days ago
FILE - People line up against a border wall as they wait to apply for asylum after crossing the bor...
Curt Gresseth

LISTEN: Biden issues order closing southern border to asylum seekers

President Joe Biden issued an executive order on Tuesday sealing off the southern border of the United States to asylum seekers when the number of daily illegal border crossings tops 2,500.
17 days ago
Construction and utility projects continue on the business streets of Sugar House, in Salt Lake Cit...
Curt Gresseth

SLC lending a hand to businesses struggling with Sugar House construction

Construction in the Sugar House neighborhood is pinching local businesses in the pocketbook, but the Salt Lake City government is helping, says a Salt Lake City councilwoman.
19 days ago
Utah school sports...
Curt Gresseth

Kids burning out on sports. Is focus on only one sport the problem?

Kids are burning out on sports because they are focusing their energies on only one sport. Mix it up by trying other sports. It helps prevent burnout, both physically and psychologically, says a BYU professor of exercise sciences.
23 days ago
The housing market in Utah is competitive and shows minimal signs of slowing....
Curt Gresseth

Should you take on debt for home repairs?

A national financial expert at Bankrate joins the conversation about borrowing for home repairs, renovations, etc. His advice: It’s always better to save money than to borrow.
24 days ago
FILE - Visitors stand in a line to enter the ancient Colosseum, in Rome, Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Th...
Curt Gresseth

Is retiring abroad worth it? What about health care? Other costs?

The number of Americans retiring abroad has tripled in 30 years, according to a 2024 Monmouth poll. Is it right for you?
24 days ago
The best way to stay safe around rivers and streams at this point in time is to stay far away from ...
Curt Gresseth

What to do if someone — even you — falls into a river

An expert on water safety and rescue shares advice on what to do if someone -- or even you -- falls into a river, now being driven by ice-cold spring runoff.
1 month ago
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, former first lady Rosalynn Carter, sit together du...
Curt Gresseth

Healthy marriages good for Utah taxpayers, says governor’s adviser

An adviser to Utah Gov. Spencer Cox says state government is invested in and promotes the importance of strong, healthy marriages and families.
1 month ago
Life jackets are pictured at the Saratoga Springs Marina at Utah Lake on Friday, Feb. 25, 2022....
Curt Gresseth

Come on in, the water’s fine (but remember to wear a life jacket)

The Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation law enforcement chief shares his knowledge and experience with selecting the right life jacket and using it safely.
1 month ago
The best way to stay safe around rivers and streams at this point in time is to stay far away from ...
Esme Sanchez Estevez

Spring runoff concerns in Salt Lake County

Kade Moncur, Director of Public Works Engineering with Salt Lake County talk through the recent spring runoff concerns with resources to be use this summer.
1 month ago
Yardley Makefield Marine Rescue leaving the Yardley Boat Ramp along N. River Road heading down the ...
Curt Gresseth

Utah experts share life-saving boat safety tips

As spring moves into summer, two Utah experts share their knowledge and experience about boat safety.
1 month ago
Police in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, detain people pulled from a U-Haul truck near the city's Pride cele...
Curt Gresseth

Lawyer rips Idaho prosecutor for not charging 18-year-old man, who allegedly yelled racist and sexual slurs at U. women’s basketball players

KSL's legal analyst criticizes a northern Idaho prosecutor's decision not to charge a young man accused of shouting racist and sexual slurs at black players on the University of Utah women's basketball team while in Coeur d'Alene.
1 month ago
walmart store sign covered, walmart hiring people without college degrees for high-paying positions...
Sam Herrera

LISTEN: Walmart hiring more workers without college degrees for high-paying corporate jobs

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Walmart U.S. CEO spoke on the company's efforts to hire and promote employees without college degrees.
1 month ago
Utah teacher starting pay is 10th in the nation....
Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic

Would you choose to be a teacher if your starting salary was $49,555?

An April report found the Utah teacher average starting pay sat shy of $50,000 in the 2022-2023 school year.
1 month ago
A student uses their phone while walking between classes at Cyprus High School in Magna on Friday, ...
Curt Gresseth

Granite School District lays down the law on cellphones in schools

The Granite School District is rolling out a districtwide policy on using and misusing cellphones and other personal electronic devices in schools.
1 month ago
Image of a teenager using a cell phone between classes at Cyprus High School in Magna on Friday, Ja...
Curt Gresseth and Kyle Remund

Norway’s ban on cellphones in middle schools shows positive results. Will Utah do the same?

A brain performance specialist discusses a study that found improvements in girls' grades and a dropoff in school bullying for both boys and girls after Norway banned cellphones in middle schools.
2 months ago
Officer Trenton Halladay pictured, he'll be added to the state's fallen officers memorial...
Caitlyn Johnston

LISTEN: In the line of duty

On Thursday, Provo Police Officer Trenton Halladay was given a place on Utah's memorial for fallen officers.
2 months ago
Costco and its low-cost health care partner Sesame have launched a weight loss program that include...
Curt Gresseth

Women on birth control and weight-loss meds are becoming pregnant

Some women on birth control who are also taking weight-loss medications like Ozempic are becoming pregnant.
2 months ago
People walk through the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, March 13, 2024....
Curt Gresseth

Utah student earns perfect ACT score but rejected by MIT and BYU

A perfect ACT score is not enough for a Davis High School student to gain admission to MIT or BYU.
2 months ago