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190th Annual General Conference

The 190th Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

On April 4th and 5th, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will come together to hear guidance and inspiration from church leaders. In October, President Russell M. Nelson promised this conference “will be different from any previous conference.” With the spread of COVID-19, President Nelson’s words are now truly prophetic, as the church announced that the upcoming conference would be distributed through “technology only.”

The KSL NewsRadio staff has been working for months to help make the upcoming conference “unforgettable,” and we hope you’ll spend your weekend with us. We will carry all five sessions live on 102.7 FM and 1160 AM or via the KSL NewsRadio app. In addition, we have more than seven hours of special content airing before, after and in between sessions. Scroll down to see the full conference schedule with descriptions.


Saturday, April 4

9:30 AM
Conference Walk-up with KSL’s Maria Shilaos
Spring 2020 general conference is shaping up to be historical as The Church adapts to the coronavirus crisis and prepares for a special Saturday evening session celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the First vision of Joseph Smith.

10:00 AM
General Conference: Saturday Morning Session

12:00 PM
A Costly Cure: What WOrk is Being Done to Bring Down the Cost of Prescription Drugs in Utah
An In-depth look of at the soaring cost of prescription drugs and how Utah families are struggling to cope. We explore the issues causing these high prices, how people are affording care, and what can be done now that the issue is getting some notice.

1:00 PM
Finding Peace in the Storm: Improving the Mental Health Conversation with Boyd Matheson
An in-depth look at the mental health efforts being made in our medical system, state laws and social programs to facilitate a positive change in our mental health awareness. The Huntsman family donates $150 million dollars to the University of Utah to improve mental health.

2:00 PM
General Conference: Saturday Afternoon Session

4:00 PM
Making a Difference: Helping Utahns in Crisis with Jeff Caplan
A look at ways the community is helping the marginalized and helpless.

5:00 PM
Grading the System with Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic
Which education trends are helping and which ones are hurting Utah students? 6

6:00 PM
General Conference: Special Saturday Night Session

Sunday, April 5

7:00 AM
General Conference: Special Saturday Night Session (replay)

9:00 AM
General Conference Sunday with Doug Wright and Mary Richards
A review of the Saturday night special session and conference in general.

9:30 AM
Music and the Spoken Word: The Choir at Temple Square

10:00 AM
General Conference: Sunday Morning Session

12:00 PM
First Vision Bicentennial: Oh How Lovely Was the Morning
Mary Richards travels to the Sacred Grove in New York, as she speaks to historians and church members about the significance of ‘The 200th Anniversary of the First Vision of Joseph Smith”

1:00 PM
Rising Generations: The Church’s Changing Youth Programs with Maria Shilaos
Maria takes an in-depth look at the changes in the Youth Programs within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that was initiated in January 2020. As the church ends its association with the Boy Scouts of America, we explore why this change was initiated and the benefits that are projected to come with the shift in the programs.

2:00 PM
General Conference: Sunday Afternoon Session

Remember you can also always watch conference on KSL 5 TV.