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Heather Kelly

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Heather Kelly is a news and traffic reporter on KSL NewsRadio, and the host of the podcast "Money Making Sense." Contact her at hmcshane@ksl.com.

Preparing transportation plans in case of an emergency

Emergency preparedness means anticipating what you'll need in the future. By planning out transportation, you'll be one step ahead.
4 days ago

Speeding vehicle crashes in rush hour, closes 500 South ramp to freeway

The chase and crash impacted rush hour traffic on Thursday and led to an arrest. One driver went to the hospital with minor injuries.
15 days ago

Secretary Buttigieg discusses how the infrastructure bill will help Utah

Buttigieg said that the infrastructure bill allots $12 million for Utah in fiscal 2022 and up to $65 million over the next five years.
17 days ago

I-15 reopened after a semi-truck hauling kitchen appliances rolled

A semi-truck driver was airlifted after his truck rolled on I-15 early this morning that closed multiple lanes.
25 days ago

Utahns are paying more money for transportation and rent than almost all other states

New data from NiceRX showed that Utahns are paying 5.41% of their annual income to cover transportation costs like gas or public transit fees.
1 month ago

Highland Drive open after closing for hours due to fatal crash involving Coke truck

A crash left Highland Drive closed between 4500 and 4600 South on Tuesday morning. The crash left a 74-year-old woman dead.
2 months ago

Many are getting second (and even a third) job to keep up with inflation

More people are getting a second job, said Bankrate.com, because inflation has them dipping into their discretionary funds.
2 months ago

Be Ready Utah: Preparing for emergencies with your pet

Emergencies are a bad time to scramble for everything your pet needs. Here are several tips to help keep everyone safe and secure.
2 months ago

Closure of EB I-84 extended after semi rollover, crash

I-84 in Morgan County was shut down just after 5:15 a.m. on Thursday when a semi-truck rolled onto the left barrier of the highway.
3 months ago

Utah homes at risk of having dangerous levels of radon gas

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for people who are non-smoking. Utah homes are recording high levels.
3 months ago

A notorious ice skating hitman finds redemption through his sister’s eyes

In 1994, hitman Shane Stant hit U.S. Figure Skating Champion Nancy Kerrigan in her knee to prevent her from competing a championship/
3 months ago

I-80 closed after semi-truck rollover on eastbound highway in Tooele

Eastbound I-80 closed this morning after a semi-truck rolled just east of the Skull Valley Road turnoff. Utah Highway Patrol hopes. toget one lane.
5 months ago

WB I-80 shut down after a crash between two semis and a Utah Highway Patrol car

Eggs spilled all over westbound I-80 just before Grantsville after a semi-truck crashed into another and a Utah Highway Patrol car.
6 months ago

As spring rolls in, one Utah city is begging you not to dump your ducklings

Highland City is begging people to not dump any pet duck or goose this spring season.
6 months ago

Small business owners may want to open up shop in Tooele County

New data from financial technology company showed Tooele County is the best place in Utah to make money if you're a small business owner.  
7 months ago

Driving away from gas pump leads to explosion in Salt Lake City

The fire at a Chevron gas station on Redwood Road at North Temple shut down all south- and westbound lanes Monday morning.
8 months ago

Desert Bighorn sheep are getting a nursery in Utah

Whenever we have a need to supplement or create new populations in the state, we will have our own internal bighorn sheep population and can be self sufficient in maintaining healthy herds.
9 months ago

Utah is below the national average for COVID vaccination rates, here’s why

Utah is below the national average for COVID vaccination rates. High numbers of children in Utah are likely skewing the data. Officials encourage vaccination.
9 months ago

Delays getting to grandma’s this holiday weekend

I-15 along the Wasatch Front will have the busiest traffic on Wednesday afternoon. Expect delays delays delays and know where to find them.
9 months ago

Thanksgiving Day turns out to the be deadliest day during the holiday

A new study shows fatal crashes increase by 100% on Thanksgiving Day especially in later hours.
9 months ago

Nearly a third of unvaccinated workers say they might lie to keep their jobs

PROVO — A new survey from Qualtrics finds 28% of unvaccinated workers are considering lying or forging documents in order to keep their jobs. “What that suggests is organizations are going to have to start verifying documentation people are providing is actually legitimate evidence of vaccination status,” said Sydney Heimbrock, chief industry advisor for government […]
9 months ago

The Utah Jazz honor 10-year-old by donating $50,000

Utah Jazz honor 10-year-old Izzy Tichenor with a moment of silence before their game. The team also donated $50,000 to her family's campaign in her honor.
9 months ago

Diversify sources, increase pay to address Utah supply chain problems

Economists addressing the Utah supply chain issue also suggested that exporters and importers pool their bargaining power.
9 months ago

Two men charged with 17 counts of burglary in 6 different Sandy schools

Police documents accuse the men of taking megaphones, personal items like nameplates, large stuffed animals, and even someone's lunch out of a refrigerator.
10 months ago