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Heather Kelly is a news and traffic reporter on KSL NewsRadio, and the host of the podcast "Money Making Sense." Contact her at hmcshane@ksl.com.

Federal minimum wage could increase IF a new bill passes

The Federal minimum wage could go up to $11 an hour -- if a new bill co-sponsored by Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) gets a thumbs up from Congress. That is a $4 increase. 
11 days ago

Drought-resistant grass now at some Salt Lake City golf courses

Golfers at three courses in Salt Lake City may notice more drought resistant grass, especially if they hit out of bounds.
25 days ago

West Nile virus detected at Utah Correctional Facility

West Nile Virus was found in a mosquito pool at the new Utah State Correctional Facility. Experts say there is no immediate threat.
26 days ago

Man arrested after firing his gun at SWAT officers

A man is in custody after he allegedly fired his weapon at SWAT officers and threated a woman with a protective order against him.
28 days ago

Hot temperatures are causing roads to buckle, but not in Southern Utah

Utah Department of Transportation Public Relations Director John Gleason said buckling is an event exclusive to concrete. 
2 months ago

Credit Card Competition Act could strip consumer perks

The Credit Card Competition Act would make credit card transactions less expensive for credit card companies, and less valuable to consumers.
2 months ago

SLCPD say multiple vehicles vandalized in Ballpark neighborhood

Salt Lake City police are looking for who may be responsible in the vandalizing of at least 10 vehicles in the Ballpark neighborhood.
3 months ago

Spokesperson says UDOT is prepared for potential disasters

Is UDOT prepared for a possible road disaster like the one in Philadelphia where a portion of I-95 collapsed?
3 months ago

20 brand new rail cars coming to TRAX Blue Line

Twenty brand new rail cars on the TRAX Blue Line are coming soon to improve accessibility, thanks in part to a $60 million grant.
5 months ago

Great Salt Lake rising, but water conservation remains a must

A historic amount of rain and snow have been pummeling the state for months on end, bringing some good news about the Great Salt Lake.
6 months ago

Wildlife rehab center given five months to vacate their current location

Ogden City has issued an eviction notice to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. The agency must be out of its current location by Sept. 6, 2023.
6 months ago

NBA fans will get live entertainment on UTA trains this weekend

SALT LAKE CITY — Not only can riders hop on UTA TRAX trains for free this week during the NBA All-Star Weekend, they will also get a free show on the Blue Line. The Downtown Alliance is teaming up with the Utah Transit Authority. They will provide comedians, musicians, singers and magicians to entertain the […]
7 months ago

NBA Films for Fans will present seven films from around the world this weekend

SALT LAKE CITY — Visitors to the NBA All-Star Weekend next weekend in Salt Lake City will have a chance to educate themselves about basketball around the world. It’s called NBA Films for Fans. The league hired filmmakers from around the world to make 24 short films highlighting the sport around the world. This weekend, […]
7 months ago

Earthquake safety in the winter looks different, expert says

There's a chance that Utah will be hit by a high-magnitude earthquake in the next 50 years. How can we plan for earthquake safety all-year round?
8 months ago

The Sundance Film Festival isn’t just about movies

The Sundance Film Festival has many more events than films and the chance to see celebrities 'up close and personal' and most of them are free.  
8 months ago

A pipeline to Utah from the Mississippi, is that the drought cure?

The idea of a pipeline falls under "innovation," one of two requirements Utah lawmakers say are needed to address our water problems.
8 months ago

Potholes getting on your nerves? UDOT’s new app can help

Potholes are a nuisance, but an app from the Utah Department of Transportation can help workers keep up with demand.
8 months ago

Utah Legislature hopes to address school choice this session

Critics say "school choice" is a slight against public schools because it would take money from the general fund.
8 months ago

Three storms bringing more snow to Utah

A storm Tuesday morning is expected to bring another 12 inches of powder to the mountains -- which already received a foot Sunday night.
8 months ago

Housing and interest rates to be big in Utah’s 2023 financial forecast

Housing and interest rates will play a big part in Utah's financial forecast for this year, according to the annual "Economic Report to the Governor.”
8 months ago

Sugar House and South Salt Lake looking to expand S-line

The S-line brought billions in development revenue, but some residents say the train also brought in a lot of traffic congestion.
9 months ago

Can recent rain and snowfall help fill Utah’s reservoirs?

The state had higher-than-average rain and snowfall this year. Will the accumulation from the storms make a dent in the drought?
9 months ago

Utah County’s rapid population growth causing growing pains

Over 30% of the population in Utah County is under 18 years old. Almost half of the county is under 24 years old.
9 months ago

Drivers in Utah County have rough morning drive

Several crashes involved multiple vehicles which blocked more than half the freeway, with cars facing backward and sideways across lanes of travel.
9 months ago