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  • Utah Gives Back

    Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

    During this difficult time, it’s unfortunate that many Utahns have lost their job and healthcare coverage. If you’ve lost your coverage due to job loss, you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period, which allows you to enroll in an Individual or Family plan without having to wait for the Annual Open Enrollment period. […]
  • Utah Gives Back


    Many of us are staying home amid the COVID-19 pandemic as others go to work to provide medical care or keep the grocery stores stocked. GREENbike, Salt Lake City’s non-profit bike share system, is available to help you stay safe and active when making essential trips. They are also offering a one cent annual membership […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Project Protect

    We’ve seen heart-wrenching stories of healthcare workers all over the world who are caring for COVID-19 patients without the protections they need and deserve. Utah has come together, once again, to prevent our local hospitals from facing the same situation. Intermountain Healthcare teamed up with the University of Utah, Latter-day Saint Charities, and several Utah […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    COVID-19 How to Help

    The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 is creating new needs across our state. Families are struggling to get food and childcare, seniors are feeling lonely without visitors, and nonprofits everywhere are fighting to meet clients’ needs. So, how can you help? First, stay home to keep others safe and be bold about your social distancing so we […]
  • Stay home Utah Gives Back

    Stay Home

    When caring for our neighbors, friends, and the community we often think about gathering together. We are in a time when congregating can lead to the spread the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. The best way to care for those around you is to stay in your home unless you are part of the essential workforce […]
  • Wearing a mask Health

    Project calls for five million masks, largest volunteer effort since ’02 Olympics

    A Utah-based grassroots effort is ensuring that caregivers who are treating COVID-19 patients have the protection they need to be safe. Organizers call it the largest Utah-based volunteer effort since the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.
  • older adults and coronavirus Utah Gives Back

    COVID-19 Frontline Workers

    Research on gratitude has shown that it can be a powerful method to increase our well-being. It can increase happiness and positive emotions that strengthen connections and lead to a healthier lifestyle. While most of us are being safe by staying home, frontline workers are working tirelessly to take care of patients, keep the grocery […]
  • health care workers Utah Gives Back

    Helping Organizations

    As we scroll through our news feeds it can be full of cynical stories and comments, but it’s important to remember that disasters and crises bring out the best in us. Neighbors are singing from their balconies, children are painting rainbows to tape to their windows, and organizations are stepping up to help those in […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Safe Service: Three Ways to Give Back

    Filling days with purpose and routine during this unusual time can be challenging. However, there is a way to add extra moments of meaning to your day, and that is by serving others.
  • Utah Gives Back

    Coronavirus Symptoms

    Intermountain – Coronavirus The signs of the novel coronavirus- COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath, with severity ranging from mild to severe. Coronaviruses have existed as a cause for common respiratory illnesses, COVID-19 is a new strain.   Currently, the risk you have is low unless you have traveled into an infected region […]